Sir Caradoc - Land of Britain

This illustration was done for Land of Britain and Fangold, games by Potato Killer Studios
What are Land of Britain and Fangold?
They are two ambitious project under work at Potato Killer Studios, which i'm involved.
Land of Britain is a MMORPG, we need more time (and founds) to take it to a playable alpha stage, but we are working very hard to make it happend and to create something that is missing in the fantasy MMORPG world. You should visit the website and the facebook page to know more detail, i just can say that, as the player i am, i can't wait to try it!

Fangold is a card game strictly related to Land of Britain lore. We are focusing on this project at the moment, and there will be important news soon, this is why you should register on the website and follow the dedicated facebook page to keep updated and win the chane to have some rewards for your interest.

About Potato Killer Studios, i can say that we are a team of more than 40 dude, working for passion, and , for the moment for free, because we all strongly believe in these projects. We are all italians, we are all players and we all want to give our unique vision of what we would like to see in the MMORPGs field.

I can't tell much about the character i drew, but i can say that this will be one of the playable race in the game, wouldm't you like to play with this big horned guy? I would!

**card design by Riccardo Fantecchi** 

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