Dream Keeper and Unicorn - Personal Work

 Dream Keeper

Dream Keeper Portrait


These are some personal work i made in the last few months. 
I've allways had in mind these kind of "creatures" with horns and feather wings, and I started to paint them live at conventions. Then I decide to call them "Dream Keeper", it's not that original, I know, but wings have allways been like a simbol to me: they represent the ability to dream, to believe in dreams. And I believe that dreams have the power to guide us and give us strenght, but it's so easy to lost or break them, that they need someone to watch over them.

The "Unicorn", instead, was made for a convention i attended few weeks ago : The Unicorn Fest, at Vinci, a fairy fantasy-medievil fest in a wonderful Tuscany hamlet. Well, not much els to say, who doesn't loves unicorns? They are so magical and delicate!

Here paintings specifics:

Dream Keeper, A4 dimension, Watercolours + digital texture for the background
Dream Keeper Portrait, A3 dimension, Acrylic washes on toned cardboard
Unicorn, A3 dimension, Acrylic washes on toned cardboard

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