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*i've decided to creat a page on this blog for all the things, concerning art, that happens in my life: workshop, events, and everything i'd like to share with you. A personal space in short!*
(it may contain lots of silly information that you might not be interested with...people warned :D )

2015/16 Updates! - 08/13/2016

As the past year i don't have much time to write as i wish, but here i am, right here, right now.
I exactly don't remember when i wrote the past update, but since then things kept going on:

I attended lots of conventions from spring 2015 till now. It was a challenging experience: really really tiring but extremly energizing at the same time. Talking to strangers about art, drawings and give and recive encouragements is amazing. Lots of my drawings found an owner, expecially during Lugano Comics 2015, Mantova Comics 2016 and Cartoomics 2016. Well, saw the happines on the face of someone who buy my prints or a commissioned piece, is the most beautiful experience to me. I draw mostly for this: to give shape and colors to other's imaginary, tales, dreams(and mine of course). It's one of the reasons why i like to work freelance for as many company as i can. But during the daily working process i'm usually not able to see the person i'm working for, while during conventions i have the gift to see the eyes of young girls, boys and grown men happy. This worth any fatigue, any skipped meal, any dark circles under my eyes(that my glasses help me hide- eheh). I know i'm no one, just a woman (i turned 30 this year..i can't refer to my self as i girl anymore i suppose!) working to make her passion as a living. I'm just at the start of this loooooong path, i know, but i'm happy and gratefull for anything i recive on the road. Speaking about conventions and recived gifts, i had the chance to draw side by side and talk with two artist that i love: Jesper Ejsing at Lucca Comics&Games2015 and Alberto Dal Lago at Mantova Comics 2016. When i think at it my head blows again! They both are super friendly and, i can't find an other word to say it, human! Jesper easly talked with me and my friend Melissa in area Performance. We were painting our pieces for the bencefical auction, when we sensed someone standing behind us. We slightly looked at our back, saw him, both blush super red and look eachother with the same emotioned and astonished expressions. Then we settled down a bit and say hi. We both love his work, the way he use light and colors is impressive and we didn't know what to say. He asked something about our drawings, ask if we studied at a school or not, made us some super normal questions and listend at us. When we said that we couldn't draw near him,he said he toght the same thing the day befor, standing at the side of Hideo Kojima. He never put himself on an higher level(even if he is!), he spoke to us with curiosity and interest. WOW! So lucky, we were so lucky to meet him! With Dal Lago was almost the same: i was at Mantova Comics, during a session of free sketches for benefical purposes and i found my self to draw next to him. He was afraid, because he mostly draw digital, not surrounded by so many people starring at him. Useless to say that he did great sketches. We talked while drawing, as it was normal, as i used to do at school with my friends...WOW again!

Now, stop being a fan girl( just a last WOOOOOOW! sorry :P ) and talk a little about the rest, because this is allready becoming too long! The work at Potato Killer Studios is going on. We are working really hard, still no budget, still from our houses around the country, but we are doing great. We are near to share big news about Fangold, the side project related to Land of Britain and we just released the new websites for the game and the development studio. (if you are curious about them, they are: Fangold website and Potato Killer Studios website). My freelance work keep going on for both private and publishing houses. I'm doing some Pathfinder art test because i am a stubborn capricorn and i will work for Paizo one day. With patiente, working to reach their level, i will make it, sooner or later, i know.

Me and my soulmate are in our new house. It's purrfect (read it with cat face), it has almost anything that i ever dreamed when i was a kid! It's our nest of love!
My family is stepping trought an hard period, i wish i would be able to help more, but i do what i can. Somtimes is hard to accept that you can't fix anythig, expecially for your beloved, but i learned that each persone has to find his path to exit from dark periods to build their own strengh, grow and shine brighter then befor. I try to walk by their side when they let me, hoping to do it right.
Maybe from my words transpire that is a deep spiritual period for me: i met a friend who's teaching me much. She talks to a part of me that i know i alwasy had, but i rarley related to and now, with her, i can free it and live it. Plus i started following some home yoga practice every day. I have no money for public lession, so probably i'm doing my hasana with some imperfections but, who cares?! It's a way to take some time to have care of myself, to take by butt off the desk chair and connect to that spiritual part of me. I wasn't a yoga fun at all but i needed to connect with my body and mind so i decided to give yoga a try. I 
discovered this channel on youtube, Yoga with Adriene, and i felt in love at the first video. I'm different now, i can feel it.
Some friendships get looser, other get closer, it's life, we can't force people to stay around, i accept that flow, as i flow closer and away, my self.
My two ball of fur are purring (is the right word?) and i'm starting to feel hungry, gonna cook something! Bye!

Me and Melissa at work on our pieces for the benefica auction in Area Performance at Lucca C&G2015

Me, Melissa and Silvia with the painting done live by Hideo Kojima at Lucca C&G2015

Left: Me and Elena at Cartoomics 2016 Right: Adele, who shared with my the table at Mantova Comics 2016

Below some sketches and commions done during Conventions

Updates about these last two years!

I haven't written anything for a long time, i was too busy working! I don't know if someone will ever read this, but it's good for me to put down things, to see where i'm going :P
In these last two years i finished the school achieving some of the goals i setted in my mind: finish the school doing my best and find some works before the final test..i was a bit afraid to leave the school desks without knowing what to do next, but i was so busy that i didn't had the time to ask for it! Thieves entered my house while me and my boyfriend were at Lucca Comics, last year(damned them! Because of it I almost lost the portfolio review with Sarah Robinson, Paizo AD!). Now we are buying home together (not beacuse of the thieves, of course!) and I'm so in love with him! I had an issue with the hand I use to draw, and still hurt sometimes. 
I'm involved in a project that excite me a lot: an all Italian made videogame, called Land of Britain. We are just at the start, everybody working hard, for free in the free time, but we will kick the asses of those who don't believe in what we're creating! The picture above was taken at a convention i attended this spring ( Cartoomics or Torino Comics, can't remember). The restaurant where i used to work has closed, but my art-work make me know nice people, and even if i needed the money erned with the waitres-work, i'm happy to have more time to do what i really whant to do. I've found good friends even if i didn't think i need them. Things keep going, sometimes up, somtimes down, it's life. I allways try to learn the most and do the best that i can, for me and for those i love.

Lucca Comics&Games 2013...the most important expirence in my life!(-till now)
I still can't believe i had the chance to partecipate at the Area Performance, during Lucca C&G2013! If someone didn't know it, it's an area inside the games area, where a big group live performance goes from the first to the last day of the convention. At the end of the last day there's an auction where all the pieces made are sold and the profit goes for charity. Lot's of international great artists partecipate to it every year, and i've allways been there admiring their works dreaming to be there some far day. This year i heard rumors that it's open to everyone who wnat to take part, with a little selection...i said my self "why not to try? the worst thing that i could recive it's a no!"...can you imagine my joy when they gave me a easel and told me to start when i want? It was the best feeling of my life! scaring but the best, ever!
Thinking about it now, i'm very unsatified by my results, i admit it, maybe i wasn't all that ready to stay under the eyes of thousands people, with all my idols around. But you never know until you try! I'll be more prepered for the next time!
Anyway my piece went sold easely and earnd more then i expected...that's great for the good cause!
Here some pictures, they're not that much because i hadn't the time to go around with my cam, you can ind a little more in my facebook album.

"Blue wing" A3size, acrylic on board

me at work

some great artist at work

Volta Comics 2013
I was born in Florence, but few years ago i moved to a little village between Mantova and Verona (ah love, what can we do for love!) and during the summer of 2013 i found out that a bunch of guys where organizing a Comic Convention in our town! I asked if i could help and recived the chance to expose my works and draw live. I was scared because i'm very shy, specially if it's about drawing infront of people, but it was a great training! I'd like to thanks all the people that have shown their interest in my art, even if i'm a perfect nobody-girl. I'd like to thank Fracncesca Follini too. She is a comic artist that i met there, with a great passion for what she does. Thank you for the gifts honey!
Let's stop talking, i'll show you some pictures! Some more on my facebook page (like it!)

 Francesca at work

 the wonderful location of the convention!

Lucca Comics&Games 2012 Workshop with Wayne Reynolds

Unfortunatly i don't have any picture of that great event, but what can i say? Reyonlds is a wonderful person, not only a wonderful artist! I've never laugh so much with someone i didn't knwo (and admire so much!) and listening at him was very inspiring!

I really hope to have the chance to meet him again and maybe ask him some specific tips on my portfolio..i was too shy to do it the first time!

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