Alveris at Lucca Comics&Games 2015

The past week i attended the most important italian convention for comics, illustration and games: Lucca comics & Games.

It was an amazing edition for thousand of reasons. The most important is this: do you know that i'm helping develop two videogame?  Land of Britain and Fangold. Well we (the Potato Killer Studios) recieved a big gift from the organizer of the convention: they gave us a small booth in the games area, to show  what we are developing.  We were so happy of this chance and the people demostrate us that we are doing a good job, so thanks to everyone who passed to our booth. really! So the painting you see above is a portrait of one of the playable races you will find in pur games: the  Alveris.
I painted her live, during the convention, with Melissa, whom painted a Draconina, an other rival playable race. The paintings were sold at the benefical auction that the Area Performance(web site and facebook) organized every year, on Sunday, with the help of all the artist that want to partecipate with they works.

Here some pictures of the live performance

Melissa and I sketching

The sketches on boards with our funny nicknames


The finished works ready for the auction (below a piece by Elena Albanese, left, and Elisa Zanoni, right)

We during the auction of our pieces!

And - other thing that makes me happy- while we was painting a guy stood behind us, we turned back and.. Jesper Ejsing was looking at us! We said "Hi" and an interesting conversation about art, artist and tecniques started... this is the magic of Lucca, the magic of Area Performance: you can meet someone you admire and talk to him/her. Boom! :D

Crap! i'm so ugly in this picture! but it dosen't matter :P

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