RedHead Portrait

Yesterday i told msyself: let's try something different! So i search a picture that i like on the web (here it is) and opened photoshop.
 I wanted to paint without any sketch line, because i feel i'm too bound to my pencils and i need to push myself toward a different vision of my subjects. That's really usefull, for me at least! It forces me to think about the volumes created by the lights and the shadows, not only to the shapes.
My process was this: put the reference near my new file and start putting in colors. My boyfriend looked at my like i was a child makeing her first drawing...it looks wired at the very first steps, but this is how it looks after two hour of work, with only one brush (and one for the freckles) on only one layer.
Can i say i'm proud of myself?
Yes i can! i rarely am completly happy about my work, but this time i surprise myself, because i didn't think i could push myself so far from my usual way to draw and paint. Maybe i will not be able to do the same again, maybe it was just an "inspired day" but, anyway, it really enjoied thi experiment!  :D

Here it is a middle step
 If you like, look at This video ! i'm not as good as the him, but this is almost the way i worked!
I saw it few months ago and inspired me!

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