Grumpyninja: MY T-SHIRT AVIABLE !

***BIG EDIT***
My Rapunzel T-Shirt was the most sold of the contest, even if it doesn't won it, so the Grumpyninja staff decided to dedicate me more space into their shop!
Here it is! the new updated link to buy Rapunzel Tee without time limits! -> http://grumpy-ninja.com/it/GrumpyCollection/t-shirt-collection/rapunzel

***Do not use the links below anymore!***

Do you remember this post where i asked your help for a contest?
Well i get the chance to see my t-shirt design printed and aviable on the Grumpyninja web store !
This is great for me! it's my first time that i see one of my doodle on a serious project, and, let me say, that i'm really proud of it! :D

Grumpyninja is an Italian project, made up by few young guys that wanted to provied a very good print standard on a really low cost!
They do it by collaborating with lot's of great artist (Dany Orizio, Angelo bussacchini, and other more) but even with unknown artist like me!And you can send your design too!
 The prints are very high quality and you can send any kind of stuff, not only bitmap image (one of mine is a scan of a watercolor sketch) and they will look just as you drawn them!

Now, let's stop to talk: If you like my design you can buy them for only 15 euros from today till next friday (12july)

Here the link to my two t-shirts



one more thing: let me thank everyone that supports me with this project, who votes for my design and gives me this great chance to see my work go for a real thing!
Thank you guys ^_^

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