Playing Cards 2# The Angelic Blade, Ace of Swords

Hello! i'm back with the second post concerning the playing cards!
This one is another ace: the Ace of Swords.

The design it's clear and simple, because i wanted it to seems pure and graceful. This is the sword of an elvish King(you'll see him soon, but i'm not so sure it's a classic elf)with a holy "twist", and it couldn't be heavy and full of hard edged details! The name i gave to the sword it's not the best one, i know, but well, you can rename it if you want!

Two different version of the sword: i wanted to add som movement and i tried out some blood splash and something less strong, like those ribbons. Even if i prefered the blood, i chooe the ribbons because they fit better with the other cards style.

The line art

Stay tuned for the next card and 
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