Playing Cards 1# The water Calice, Ace of Goblet

Hi there! here i am with one of my favorite project, till now.
If you followed my facebook page, maybe you've allredy seen some sketches and work in progres previews, but here i am, with the first of six post where i'm gonna show you my fantasy neaples plying card!

The first one is the Ace of Goblet, that i re-interpreted as a calice with some magic power (it glows in the queen's card). Here i focused my attenction on paint a believable glass, like a still life painting. I wanted to render the difference of material, like glass, copper and gold, that it's made with. Hope i made it a little bit at least!

A work in progress screenshot: i was satisfied with the water, but i changed the glass later

The line art here

Stay tuned for the next card and

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