Trinquètte Publishing Weekly Contest Entry #1

Hi there!
This week i founded out a weekly contest promote by Trinquètte Pubblishing and i decided to partecipate!
They give us a photo of a model and we have to re-drawing it with our style!
Here it is the link to their facebook page and to the contest album.
My firdt step was two sketchs made with pink pencil, that i made stronger with some pen line here and there.

Then i scan them and put togheter with Photoshop and start adding rough colours. I haden't much time so i decided to stay loose with the shadows and highlight values. I was imagining a big ribbon on the back of the body and i decided to push the characters with a "sailor moon" influence, but keeping some distance from it, so i add some ciber-details, like the wrist and the ocular lens with a digital pencil and then coloured it.

Hope you like it! ^^

Congratulations to my classmate Melissa! she's one of the winners!

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