Green Little Monster - Character design

Gouache on paper

Yesterday afternoon, during my illustration class, i read a short story written by Murakami Haruki, about a green little monster, with a very long nose and thin long arms, who digged throught the middle of the earth to go to his beloved woman, but when she saw him she get scared and thought to kill him. The monster could read her toughts and tried to explain that he won't hurt her, he just wanted to show her his love. The woman thought he was a sad and miserable monster, so he get hurted by those thoughts and start to change aspect because his sad feelings. When the woman realize her power on him and decided to test him thinking a lot of bad, painful tortures...the little monster felt the orrible pain and get dying slowly...
I'm gonna paint three illustration about this sad story, and befor i can do it i need to see the main character in my head. Well it came out almost immediatly and yesterday evening(and night) i couldn't avoid to paint him!
So here it is!
Hope you like it! (the scanned version is a little greenish than the original,sorry)

concept sketch and preparatieve drawing

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  1. Ciao :) Mi interessa molto tutto ciò che ha a che fare con la creatività...dunque complimenti! Io ho un blog di moda ma mi piace molto anche dipingere, se ti va sul mio blog trovi anche i miei quadri,ciao,Paolo

  2. Ciao Bea! Grazie per essere passata! Se ti interessa qualche quadro io li vendo a prezzi accessibili...sul blog nella sezione quadri trovi il link alla mia pagina facebook,kiss,paolo


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