Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine illustrations #2

"The Kichi family have magical scrying pools"

Chuubo and Jasper Irinka traveling on the Big Lake

Some interior illustrations for CMWGE rpg . To know more read the post
I just discovered that Eos Sama published the pdf version (soon there will be a printed version too) of the playing guide i worked the past winter and spring. The roleplaying game si written by Jenna Moran and she create a different, yet interesting, way to play.

I'm particulary happy to had the chance to paint these illustrations, because there were some sponsors characters to add in the two big scenes, and it was fun to draw!
One of these characters really means much to me, because it was commissioned by a sponsor who lost a friend and wanted to commemorate her. It was a honor for me, to be "his" hand.

Zoe Rosewood, Ogre-Sensei
Shokyou at School of Horizon

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