Garellan Mironeth - Wayfinder 11 Illustration

This is the second one of three assignament i got this spring for the free fanzine  Wayfinder (<-click here to get it!).

This magazine is the 11th issue and itìs kind of a special one because it's been printed to be given during the Paizocon, this week end! It's an honor to be in it!

Here you see Garellan Mironeth, a not-so-nice guy, can you spot it from his face? He's a male human magus (i love this class!) and he fights using both magic and sword. Be carefull when you meet him!
To know more about him and his story download the pdf amd search for the articles about him (written by Neil Spicer)

Here some sketches and the line-art

I'd like to thank Tim -the art director- for taking me on board and for all of his kindness!

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