Moon Flight - Tiny Painting for Tiny Pleasure !

Oil on canvas 3x3 inches

Hello everyone! This is my little "tiny painting" for the Tiny Pleasure Challenge from The Art Order (a website bout fantasy/sci-fi art, for those who don't know it - 100% recomanded!).
Jon Schindehette asked to all the readers and artist out there to paint everything they like with only three "must":
 - the painting should be made using any traditional medium
 - the theme had to be fantasy/sci-fi releted
 - and - most important and funny one- the painting must be 3x3 inches, not more, not less! (about 7,50 cm)

All the wonderfull painting made for this challenge will be expose during the next Spectrum Fantastic Art Live, this May.
So yes! My winged creature will be there, at the most important convention for fantasy art! I'm so happy!

And there's more! all the painting will be selled after the convention! I'm gonna devolve the entire earn(if it get sold of course) to the scholarship funds. I'm not sure which could be the price for this little little painting..any tips?

anyway, here some work in progress!
(it was a little hard to paint so small on canvas, maybe i could have chosen paper and watercolors, as many did, to help detailing, but i wanted to smell the oil parfume so bad!)

this is a sketch for another tiny one, but i hadn't the time to paint it - shame on me!

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