Darkwing #0 Contest

Yesterday the contest winner were announced, i'm not the lucky one -two indeed- that will see their art as the comic cover but i earned a place into the volume as tribute.

The contest was made to find an artwork for the numer zero of a new comic that will be launched at Lucca Comics&Games 2013. So, with this in mind, i compose my work with a dynamic group of characters.

line art and inked version (with some changes, can you spot them?)

I decided to keep a comic style inking the figures to make them pop up, insted to almost hide the pencil line with colors, as i'm used to.
I worked really really hard for this piece, because i wanted to win - sigh - so i'd like to show you some stages of my work:

Super-rought sketches

Trying out lights and shadows on my favorite two sketches

Laying down the basic colors

Trying some different effect to divide the foregroung from the background

I have to add that i partecipate with a group work, with a friend, using the other sketch that i like, but i'm not completly happy with it so i won't show it for now.

Personal consideration: i'm happy about the way i work for this project and i'm happy about its final look, i did my best! The only mistake that i made, myabe, was to think too much at what the commitent may want, insted of doing what I want, changing my style - even if i'm happy about the results-, because i thought wrong and they choose something very different from this one, and much more similar to what i'm used to do. (crap! :P ) Yesterday i was a little sad, i have to admit it, and a part of me was hating this work, but today, after a (not so) good sleep, i can't say the same.

Let's stop talking, i leave here the links to the contest pages
Entries gallery (as soon as they publish it)

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