Aethertech Model for Aion contest

Hi there! i'm back with something completly new for me: a robot!
This is a concept piece for a contest edit by Aion, the videogame. Here the contest announcment -i had to say it was unclear and they didn't say lots of important things concerning the partecipation..anyway...

The Aethertechs are characters that use Aether power melted with mechs armor to fight and evocate them using a (very) big key.
This is mine: the time wasn't much so i did just a  fast sketch of an armor based on some medievil pieces and incorporating wings motive, because i love them and it's something that rapresents me-or at least, that i want to rapresent me. Then i put some matte parts to make it a bit less medievil and a bit more futuristic.

I haven't much more to say...hope you like it, because i enjoied to create something completly different to my usual concepts!

here the initial rought sketches

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