Volta Comics 'n Cosplay - Dungeon & Drawings pictures

picture by Diego Buzzola

The past week end (08-24/25-2013) i partecipate to my first comic fair as an artist!
The fair was very small, because it was the first ediction, but the young guys who organized it made a good job! There was some comcics and manga stand, gadgets, gaming area with tournaments and cosplayer everywhere! all the things you want to find in a comic fair! And then in a ancient gallery that linked the palace stables to the gardens, there were us! Me and other two girl - Adele Pelizzoni e Giulia Marchi- a local painter and the comic artist Francesca Follini with her new work "Il Sesto".
I am very happy about these two days: first of all, i spent time with people with the same passions i have-and it's not so common in the daily life- i draw a lot, even with people starring at me, and i tought i can't do it, becauese i'm very shy about drawing in pubblic. Third thing that makes me happy was the interest of the people: they pass through our gallery and take their time to look at our drawings and paintings, they asked me lots of things: from tecniques to my personal path in the drawing world, they asked for tips, opinion about my school and lots of other boys and girls share with me their passions for drawing and the desire to get better! It was all so engaging and joyful!
It was a wonderful experience, that i hope to repet next year, and sprone me to work harder everyday!
so thank's to everyone who comes to see my works and spent even half a minute to talk with me!

Down here, some picture i made of our gallery

the entrance

my stand

Adele's show

Federica Follini's Show

Federica Follini's Show-"Il Sesto" cover

Federica Follini at work

a picture of the view outside our gallery

Thank you again! to everyone who partecipate, to the fair organizers and to Francesca!

picture by Luca Law Casanova

Lots of other picture of the fair and the coplayer here:

and on my Facebook Art Page

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