Concept Cookie Weekly Exercise: INFECTION PROGRESS

Few weeks ago i found out a website made for teaching and sharing digital art tips. It's name is Concept Cookie and i think it's nice to share it.
The artists who whorks on it are all professional artists and they made the most of the content "free for all" and some advanced stuff only for subscribers. And the best things they made are this two: a live streaming every wensdey where Tim paint a concept live -as it is called- and share his process answering to every question you should have. There i s more: he ask to the public to push the concept further and accept every challenge that we give to him! It useful and very funny to partecipate!
The other thing that i like is that they provide a new exercise to made every week to enrich your skill and even your portfolio. The Last week-it was the first ever- Tim asked to create some character expression sheet, trying to make the character allway recognizable. This week the theme was the progression of an infection on a character (here  the page to THIS WEEK EXERCISE POST)

This is my version, It’s still a sketch, i hadn’t the time to push it as i want, but here it is:
my character is a girl, maybe a biologist, who get infected by a strange seed that grows up in her body and feeds itself with her lifeblood and break out from her skin as it grows.I added some sprout because nature can be as terrifing as beautiful, and something allways blooms from death.

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