Playing Cards 4# Gilrond Elodorian the King of Swords

The King of Swords is the card that gave me more trouble then the others, but, even if i'm not yet completly satisfied with him, i learnd a lot coloring him (and you can see the difference of the metal rendering from this one to the Ace of Swords, that i painted after this).

I'm not sure he is an elf, i mean, he as pointy ears and a graceful face, but it's not the usual "natural" elf you can think to. His armor is made to remind some wings. I don't know if they are swan wings, or angel wings, i leave this choise to you, but i wanted him to look fierce and with a "holy" halo - forgive me the words game. I wanted him to be someone you should follow in a battle because you can trust him, because you he is a loyal and rightful leader! Hope i made it a little bit!

Work in progress: with the first flat colours and a more rendered one

Line art

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