Rogue Vs Mistica

Hi there!
here i am with Rogue Versus Mistica! I know, maybe it never happened in the comics - or maybe it waas, i've not a great cuture about marvel comics,i admit!- but they had allways been two of my favorite Xmen character, since i was a child!
Some weeks ago th Trinquètte Publishing weekly challenge had a theme: super heroes...i hadn't the time to partecipate but i loved the theme and i did this in my free time...
I have to say that i'm not completly satified about this, with Mistica and the background - i really suck with background!And i think that the model they give us to use hadn't the right pose for a great theme like that. Anyway i enjoyed painting those character and i'll do it again- and better- as soon as i can!

here a line art detail of Rogue and the two watercolor base i made to be coloured with digital tools - i choose the film version of Mistica because i love her textured skin!

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