Memories Storm - A Calendar of Tales Contest

I'm on DeviantArt from few months and i saw they made a lot of contest. When i found out this one i can't avoid to partecipate: Neil Gaiman, one of my favourite writer, gives 12 short tales and wanted us to illustrate them for a calendar. The contest is promoted by BlackBerry and you can see all the entries here .
I choose March tale, but it was an hard choise, 'cause the staories are all nice and give me a lots of ideas, but the time wasn't much for me (i decided to partecipate just 4 days ago) so i choose the one the i had more clearly in mind. The tale is very short and really nothing happens. It's just about Anne Bonny, the famouse piratess, whom is not dead, as the history said. She is growned old and had a child,she changed life and name, but she allways thinks about her past and her dream to have her own ship.

hope you like it!

Made with Watercolors + Photsohop

here the sketch of the old face

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