Trinquètte Publishing Weekly Contest Entry #4

This week i didn't make a great work for the weekly contest by Trinquètte publishing, i admit it!
I don't know if i was a little tierd and with very few time, or if my head was filled with to many ideas and i just chose the wrong one, or both of them...
Talking about the drawing...this is made with coffee and watercolors. It was funny to made, because i smelled the coffee all the day. I use a reddish pensil for the drawin because i didn't want the classic pencil look, but an old taste.
 If you look at the contest page you can see that my entry is with a very bad resolution...i'm sorry, but i made a picture of the original work, because it was tto big for my scanner, and downed too much the file for the @mail (it was something like 20mb and becomes a 540kb!). Another thing i notice is that many people chose a similar theme for the drawing, and this is way i said i chose the wrong idea.

Well, things that happends, and i think i've learned something from this!

Here the red pencil and a digital lighting sketch i made ( maybe i should have send this one!!!)


I made a sketch for a spy version and a really loose sketch where the girls becomes alien and predators (i'd like to made that one but i didn't have enought time for that..maybe i'll do it when i could!)

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