Hokusai Wave - My version

This post is up to show you my FIRST commited work as a painter!
It started with the intention to be a copy of a painting of the famous Hokusai, a Japanes artist (here the wiki for those who can't remember him). But working on, me and the client, decided to give it a personal touch: the original one has a yellow background and flat colours - tipical of the japanes pictures- but my commitent wanted the background to be red,with no details, to remember the furnishings of the room where the painting will be hanging. Then we decided to give it some plastic detail in the wave spume and through the seagulls, with some rolled paper. The last change we made are the strokes: he prefer a dynamic description of the wave made with the stroke moves and not only with the flat colours.

Now, stop talking in my strange english (forgive me if it's not so good) and let show you the pics!

Acrilyc on wood, 100x180 cm

Details collage

Work in Progress collage

At the client flat

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