Contest: Diario di un Sopravvissuto agli Zombie - My proposal

The contest is closed and the winner is chosen (all the links below).
It was a contest for a Zombie cover book saga.
This is my work for it : an human face mixed with a dead one. Simple concept, i know. I decided that, if my work would be chosen and i would have to realize the other two covers, i would let the zombie side take more or less part of the face, reflecting the course of the story.
Well, let stop talking, here it is

Pencil + Photoshop & Painter 12

You have allready seen the pencil post befor, and a layout test (don't look at the lettering!) to see if the illustration could work

Now, here it's the link to the Contest Gallery, let me say that i know that my work cannot be compered with the most of the illustrations they choose to pubblish, but i'm quite happy about my zombie...when i start this project i really can't think to reach this point, and even if i know that there is a lot to fix and to get better with,  let me be proud of me for 5 min !

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