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I'm sorry to say that this blog won't be updated with my new artworks anymore. I'm too busy and can't keep on updating so many different social networks, so I have to focus on those that are more "productive" (how I hate this word!)

Anyway you can follow any of these links to see my new stuff!

 Thanks for your iterest



Waifinder #17 illustration.2

This illustration was made for the fanzine Wayfinder, issue #17 downloadable her http://paizo.com/companies/paizoFansUnited

Below the version without the iceblock


Wayfinder #17 illustrations

Let me introduce you Vandra and Arakopos (open the post to see him)! Be careful of who you trust!
Characters painted in March 2017 for Wayfinder​ #17
download it for free here


Sci-Fi Cover Art - Jon Brazer Enterprises

And after painting the characters let's do some cover art!
I enjoied to paint something different from my usual fantasy stuff(which I love anyway!)

Sci-fi character illustration - Jon Brazer Enterprises

Let me introduce you my first three character painted for a soft sci-fi setting: the pilot, the cowgirl captian, and the medic of the crew!


Belly Dancer - Private OC Commission

A month ago I was asked to paint a belly dancer with some secret magic power, these are the illustrations we came up with.
Be aware of this girl!


January Traditional Practice - Landscapes

"New Paths" 01-01-2017

"Deserto" 01-08-2017

"High on the cliff" 01-15-2017

"Up to the clouds" 01-22-2017

"Waterfall" 01-30-2017 photo reference by Sarah Robinson

I made a good commitment for this new year: painting/drawing/study something for my personal pleasure and growth every week. These are the results of the first month.
They are all A4 size, done with gouache, the first one - the one with the snowy pines is made from imagination, while i used photo references for the others . which i think is the best way to learn

Wayfinder #16 Illustrations

Ifenious Musparkk is a crafty gnome with his mechanical crow.
While the girl with the shell on her back is a Shokala, a wise and reserved race of Numeria.
Both painted on November 2016 for Wayfinder , issue #16 based on Numeria setting


Aquatic Rhino painted for Legendary Games. I don't paint creature often, but i love to do it, expecially when they are based on real animals!:


Hi Mavaro! He is the Iconic Occultist from Pathfinder! 
**This is an art test, my interpretation of the original character designed by Wayne Reynolds © Paizo **
hope you like him!


Estra - Iconic Spiritualist Art Test

It's time to share Estra - Iconic Spiritualist from Pathfinder! 
**This is an art test, my interpretation of the original character designed by Wayne Reynolds © Paizo **
I love her, couldn't avoid to draw her!


Brikett Spotswood - Legendary Games Illustration

Iconic character done some months ago for Legendary Beginnings, an adventure path from Legendary Games.
He is a halfling you would like to have on your side!

Hope you like it! :D


Tons of Knowledge - Ezren from Pathfinder

Art test/Fan art on Ezren. The original character design id from the master Wayne Reynolds, and all the rights for the character goes to Paizo Publishing. This is not an official art piece, it's been done for the contest "Pathfinder LAB's contest Iconic character Ezren" on the DeviantArt groups Pathfinder-art  :iconpathfinder-art:  and Fantasynpc -Art :iconfantasy-npc: and for my personal portfolio.


Madra Greyskin - Wayfinder #15

Madra Greyskin is the other character i paint for Wayfinder#15. I have a particular love for her, maybe i see something of me in her, so thanks Tim for assigning her to me! 
You can download the magazine here, FOR FREE ->http://paizo.com/products/btpy9mr8?Wayfinder-15

Lyra Agernis - Wayfinder #15

Character done for Wayfinder #15. I loved to work on her concept! If you wanna know more about her download the magazine, it's for free! http://paizo.com/products/btpy9mr8?Wayfinder-15


Private commission - LARP characters

This is a commission featuring Stefano Rivolta and his girlfrined's OC from their Live Action Role Playing games.
Done with black and red watercolors, on A3 paper.

I'm allways happy to find some room for private commissions, expecially when you ask me to paint your OC both with digital or traditional medium!
Feel free to contact me for infos here or on my Facebook page



Battle in the Pit of the Groove - Legendary Games Illustration

"Battle in the Pit of the Groove" - Illustration done during 2015 for "Into the Feyweald"-Legendary Beginnings, a new adventure path published by Legendary Games